“Players come into my store and specifically ask for the Advantage Tennis Gloves. I highly recommend the Advantage glove to players looking for a better grip. This glove works and it is the only tennis specific glove I carry in my store.”
Glenn Kommer, USPTA Professional and Owner of JusTennis in Naples, Florida
“I have been using Advantage Tennis Gloves for several years now and LOVE THEM…they have saved my game!!! I had tried everything else prior to finding your glove to improve my grip playing tennis and nothing worked. Obviously, since I’ve been using them so long, I’ve went through quite a few gloves over the years. One thing though I’ve always wondered about was if the glove was washable and if so, what are the instructions? Thanks for your time!!”
Sandy Sparks , Wilmington, Delaware
“I discovered the advantage of the Advantage Tennis Gloves today. My FootJoy “golf” glove was slipping off the racquet, so I switched to the Advantage Tennis Glove and WOW!! I will never again play without my Advantage Tennis Glove. The grip makes the difference in my game.”
Tammy Stetson, Sterling Oaks C. C., Naples, Florida
“I bought Advantage Tennis Gloves on July 21, 2003. I’ve been totally pleased with your product. Before I found out about your glove, I was buying Head Racquetball gloves which lasted about three weeks. I use your glove six days a week playing tennis and pickleball and it has held up as no other glove that I ever had. Thanks for coming up with this much-needed product. A satisfied customer.”
Hugh Polland, Naples, Florida
“I have always played tennis with a golf glove. The Advantage Tennis Gloves is cooler, provides more grip and is more durable than a golf glove. You guys have done a good job of producing a quality glove for tennis.”
Bern Walters, Naples, Florida
“Where can I buy the Advantage Tennis Gloves in Georgia? I used the glove and now am headed home for the summer. I will buy two or three so I won’t run out before I return to Naples.”

ANSWER: Simply click above on men’s or women’s gloves, then click on the “List of Retailers” to find where our gloves can be purchased throughout the United States as well as e-stores

Ann Perry, Athens, Georgia
“As you know, I am a real fan of Advantage Tennis Gloves and I plan to add your glove to the Pickleball display I set up when I introduce Pickleball at sites across Florida. This display will give the Advantage Tennis Glove extensive exposure.”
George Brewer, Jr.
“We bought Advantage Tennis Gloves for our son and he likes them a lot. he’s currently on an acne medication that makes his skin fragile, so the Advantage Tennis Glove really helps to prevent blisters.”
Sylvia Youngblut
“I just LOVE Advantage Tennis Gloves. Although I know it has to be wet, it never feels wet. And it is washable!!!. I do this by hand with dish detergent. It’s nothing like the stinky, wrinkled, stiff golf glove I had been using for tennis. By the way, do you make a golf glove??? Thank you.”

Answer: We are introducing a new Advantage Sports Glove which we are aiming at many sports, including golf. It should be available by Christmas or the 1st of the year.

Kathleen Metcalf, Hilton Head Island, SC,