About Advantage Tennis Gloves and Us


The Advantage Tennis Glove is designed and patented for players of all skill levels, producing enhanced racket handling and grip, offering greater player comfort and safety.

The Advantage Tennis Glove (ATG) was introduced in 2002.

It was designed to help players, protect against the heat and humidity keeping the player’s palm sweat-free, guarding against blisters, while providing a full mesh back for total ventilation and player comfort.

Over the years, our ATG players’ suggestions for changes and improvements have been incorporated to improve our gloves. New design features offer better protection against harmful UVA and UVB sun rays, increased durability, and increased comfort.

Quality has been ATG’s promise and thousands of tennis-playing customers’ experiences demonstrate we are maintaining that promise.

Crafted with the highest quality materials and design, each glove offers a seamless palm, maximum breathing, greater control of the racket with a firmer grip, and a wider terry-cloth wristband.

With ATG you have improved performance, winning strokes, and a lot more fun.

We aren’t stopping there. As Advantage Tennis Glove continues its growth, popularity and promise of top quality, we look forward to your comments and suggestions and are excited about what our future holds.